The War on Cash!

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The War on Cash!

I don’t understand the obsession some prominent people have with killing cash.

Cash to certain sections of our society is the main means of survival. Take away cash and there are many people, companies and communities that will suffer.

Until such time as banks, provide banking services to all people, I will continue to be a supporter of cash.

Ron Delnevo is a major commentator on the importance of cash. Read his brilliant article that explains why. Give Cash a Great Big Hug!

In the interests of balance I’ve picked on Mike Chambers who writes about cash regularly. Mike wrote a great piece on the history of cash, read it here.

The FCA and PSR have both come out strongly in favour of giving consumers a choice where cash is concerned. Read their joint statement. The Treasury also published its views, they make interesting reading.

Finextra joined in today with an apocalyptic article forecasting cash will go down to 17% of all payments. Read the article here.

If you support cash as well as other forms of payment, then let me know and I’ll publish some of your comments.

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