The Voice of Payments - Issue 2

No. 2 - Round up 23rd October 2020

Comment from John Doyle

I have been struck recently with the amount of information being debated in public, on social media to be precise that used to be treated as confidential or ‘private’.

For example, Presidents do not normally debate using Twitter and Prime Ministers do not normally debate using Facebook.

Well. That used to be the case, but no longer.  Is this a good thing?

It certainly is bringing government closer to the people which in itself is a laudable thing, but should these debates with their conflicting views and positions be dealt with in such an open way in public; shouldn’t the ordinary citizen be informed of decisions and not necessarily of the mechanisms used to get to it.

I ask the question because in a family debate recently it struck me how ill-informed we are and how we also are adopting the same debating style.  Upsetting the public is not always the best way of getting policy enacted.

In the Manchester Lockdown scenario, should the public be exposed to the sight of our leaders trading blows in an undignified manner or should we merely be informed of the decision at the appropriate time.

It doesn’t matter what side of the political argument you’re on, but airing your dirty washing in public has never been a smart move!

The trouble with the current scenario is that if you ask enough people what their opinion is, they will tell you, warts and all.

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Why ‘TO DO’ Lists Kill Productivity

Creating a to-do list and crossing items off it may feel satisfying, but it's actually a terrible way to prioritize tasks and get things done. That's according to productivity expert, author and lecturer Nir Eyal, who told The Next Web: "I don’t think people realize how harmful this method is for productivity."

Why ‘TO DO’ Lists Kill Productivity

New Newsletter from John Doyle

I have long been a keen observer of building businesses and especially cloud-based businesses.  I have launched a new newsletter ‘Leadership and Business’ which I ask you to subscribe to.  The reason for the subscription charge is that this is original material, researched especially for the newsletter and external researchers time is invested in it.

Ethics eBook written by Eliot Charles Heilpern

Eliot has written an excellent overview of Ethics and the challenges that we face being ethical in our businesses. 

Download the book here. Talk to Eliot about embedding an ethical culture in your organization, contact Eliot directly.

Request to Pay Webinar

We’re very pleased to announce the date and time of our first webinar, December 11th 2020, at 2pm.

We will be welcoming experts in the Request to Pay space and further details will follow; mark the date in your diary.  Let me know if you want to be added to the mailing list. John Doyle

Regulatory Update

News highlights from Finextra

Mastercard invests in no-code AI platform Signzy

Mastercard has joined a $5.4 million funding round for Bangalore-based no-code AI platform Signzy.

SME Finance to launch Lithuanian digital bank

Baltic fintech startup SME Finance is planning to launch a neobank for small- and medium-sized enterprises in Lithuania.

JPMorgan Chase enters mPOS arena

JPMorgan Chase is taking on Square and PayPal with an app and contactless card reader linked to a business checking account.

UniCredit inks remote working agreement with employee reps

UniCredit has become the latest firm to rethink its long-term attitude towards where staffers work in the wake of Covid-19, agreeing a deal to give all employees the chance to spend a part of their week working from home.

Diebold Nixdorf scores Truliant Federal Credit Union deal

Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in driving connected commerce for the financial and retail industries, today announced that Truliant Federal Credit Union will expand its partnership by implementing DN AllConnect ServicesSM throughout its ATM network.

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