Sharp increase in FOS complaints to do with debt

No 11 - DWP and HMRC are involving their right to deduct monies from your bank account without advising you

FOS reports an increase in push fraud complaints

36% increase in complaints about push fraud since April 2020.

Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and Santander have all refused help and FOS upheld 75% of push fraud complaints referred to them.

Banks agreed to follow voluntary code to support claimants, increasingly Banks refusing to reimburse customers and blaming customers. Complainants say banks refuse to engage in investigation and FOS which should be the last resort, but increasingly its seen as the only remedy for customers.


Threatening to report late payers to credit reference companies. Request to Pay is an integral part of the solution but no mention of it in reports.

Buy now, pay later schemes are aimed at the vulnerable and in that case they need special support as the FSA has demanded.

Klarna say they work with debtors before sending in the Bailiffs. Setting the debt collectors on vulnerable people doesn’t sound like support.

DWP threatening to send in Bailiffs’ for incorrect debts

It’s been reported to the BBC that DWP has written to a number of people and started deducting payments for debts that they don’t have. Several people have responded to DWP when the money was deducted only to be told they had a debt which they didn’t recognise.

DWP Say it’s down to identity fraud but people are saying that they are not given warnings, they simply see the money disappear.