Request to Pay Webinar

No 7 - Join our Request to Pay Webinar

Join us at our Request to Pay Webinar - December 11th at 2pm

Hear from experts from the Payments community on this webinar as we dive into this topic, covering questions such as:

  • Where are we on the road map of Request to Pay?

  • Are regulations clearly understood and in place to support RTP?

  • What are the barriers to Request to Pay being successful?

  • How difficult is it to integrate RTP into your existing platforms?

  • How does RTP enhance the industries response to customer needs?


  • Chair: Eliot Charles Heilpern, The Payments Business

  • Moderator: Bob Ford, Senior Consultant,
    Payments SMEs Limited 


  • Craig Tillotson, CEO, Ordo

  • Simon Lyons, Head of Ecosystem Engagement, Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE)

  • Andy Coleyshaw, CEO, Request to Pay Limited

  • Simon Brooks, Product Manager, Pay.UK

  • James Bushby, Marketing Manager, Mastercard

  • Muthu Kumar Gopalakrishnan, Solutions Architect, Object Frontier Software (OFS)

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  • Friday 11th December 2020

  • 2-3pm including Q&A