Request to Pay Webinar

No 4 - Join us at our Webinar exploring Request to Pay

Join us on Dec 11th at 2pm as we explore Request to Pay

Hear from experts from the Payments community on this webinar as we dive into this topic, covering questions such as:

  • Where are we on the road map of Request to Pay?

  • Are regulations clearly understood and in place to support RTP?

  • What are the barriers to Request to Pay being successful?

  • How difficult is it to integrate RTP into your existing platforms?

  • How does RTP enhance the industries response to customer needs?



Eliot Charles Heilpern, The Payments Business


Bob Ford, Senior Consultant, Payments SMEs Limited 


  • Craig Tillotson, CEO, Ordo

  • Simon Lyons, Head of Ecosystem Engagement, Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE)

  • Imran Ali, Consultant, Request to Pay Limited

  • Simon Brooks, Product Manager, Pay.UK

  • James Bushby, Vice President UK Product Sales, VocaLink

  • Muthu Kumar Gopalakrishnan, Solutions Architect, Object Frontier Software (OFS)


Friday 11th December 2020

2-3pm including Q&A