Lockdown or Prison

No 5 - Do you feel Lockdown is more like Prison?

Quite often recently I’ve been part of conversations with friends, family, colleagues and my sphere of influence that have been focusing upon Lockdown.

It amazes me that sensible, reasonable people are acting like children and not the adults they are.

I’ve even heard people complain that it’s like being in prison. Clearly few of them have or they’d know the difference.

the rules are quite simple and maybe that’s the problem.

  • Wear masks inside buildings other than your home

  • Stay at least 2m away from people

  • Don’t meet in groups more than 6

  • Stick to your bubble and avoid people you don’t know

  • Don’t meet indoors, meet outside where air flows freely

  • Exercise outdoors with only one other person

  • Work from Home if you can, if you can’t insist your employer provides a safe environment

  • Sanitise everything you touch, again and again and again

  • Clean the house often and thoroughly

The three recommendations I would make are:

  1. Stay engaged with your support bubble; those people you can talk to who you can confide in

  2. Spend time every day to touch base with family, use the phone, video, letters

  3. Learn new skills (my cooking has improved and got cheaper as I now use fresh food), anything will do, take an online course!

So, for me the answer is we’re not in Prison, we’re in Lockdown. We can go about our daily business but just be careful and use common sense.

Let’s avoid another Lockdown over Christmas.

Stay safe - Stay Alive!